At Careplus Discount Pharmacy, we practice a holistic, integrated approach to healthcare where we work together with the patient and their healthcare providers to provide the best possible solution to their medication needs.


Do you have a patient that needs help with taking their medication correctly? Do you have a patient with diabetes that could benefit from a better understanding of their condition?



We are a professional pharmacy. Our pharmacists believe in developing relationships with our patients and their other healthcare providers. We will make sure that the patient knows the right dosages, the best way to administer, and the possible side effects of their medication.

In addition to filling prescriptions, we offer a number of services to help our patients achieve optimal health.

We fight for your patient and help them navigate insurance claims, minimize roadblocks and inform them about refill due on a timely basis.

  • No long lines for patients.
  • Less than 10 minutes of wait-time to get their prescriptions filled at the pharmacy.
  • We also have a FREE HOME DELIVERY program where patients can get their medications at their doorstep for no additional cost.

Your time is valuable. Our pharmacy staff is readily available to partner with you to help offer the best possible care. Our friendly staff is ready to take your call at or FAX patient prescription directly to our locations. We also accept E-Scripts.